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We provide support to a wide range of businesses within the public sector – in housing, medicine, security and a variety of others. One strand of our company is to provide financial support in the forms of grants and loans. We provide financial services if a company is going through difficult times or if they are starting new projects which require some initial capital.

We also fund small and medium-sized businesses who are just starting up. Additionally, we provide guidance on restructuring your company and advice on marketing and publicity solutions. Our business support takes the form of mentoring and consultancy.

Our many years of experience and strong relationships with experts in this field make us one of the best companies to offer business advice. We care very strongly about this and always seek to deliver the best services to our clients.

This is not Exor Group and never has been. We are not affiliated with Exor who can be accessed on This is a site for a business support company, providing services to the public sector.

Business Support are small business consultants based in London who have performed work for companies across the UK, as well as overseas through its links with the oil and gas industry.

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